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Photo Portfolio

A few samples of properties, set decoration, set painting and related builds.

General Work Gallery

Created tree, rocks and moss. Hot Rod - Design and Build Created the Huge Chair and Oversized Crockery on the Table Device for Measuring Eliza's Breath - Design and Build Self Propelled Electric Chariot - Design and Build Piano and Gramophones - Build Knight's Armor and Horse - Design and Build Armor and Weapon - Design and Build

"The Motorized Invention" - Design and Build Cheshire Cat Mechanical Puppet Set Decoration - Ascot Races Table  Casting Experiment Duck - Design and Build Fox Puppet - Design and Build Storybook - Opens into a Lighted Pyramid

Build Progressions: "Camel" and "Wings"

Camel Body Framework - Design and Build Foam Sculpted Head Covered in Fuzzy Fabric Camel Supports and Carries Actors Across the Stage Wing Construction Wings Complete Wings in context

Other Construction

Chair for Personal Use Real Chaimail and Helmet with Gilded Leatherwork Real Chainmail and Gilded Leatherwork Kayak in Progress Kayak in Water