Drawing / Painting

From life, photos, and imagination
Milford and Me - Book Illustration
Man's Head - Pencil Crayon
  Danse Macabre - Magazine Cover Illustration
Diamond Dancer - Ink and Pencil Crayon

  Chilliwack valley at sunset
Chilliwack valley at sunset - Acrylic
"Cosmic Female" - Set Painting for Choreographic Piece - Acrylic
Sun Moon - Pencil Crayon Illustration
Woman's Head - Pencil Crayon
  Harrison Lake
Harrison Lake - Acrylic

  Morgan Le Fay
Morgan Le Fay - Ink, Pencil Crayon, Photoshop Blending
  Turk the Dog
Turk the Dog - Acrylic Paint
Man's Head
Man's Head - Pencil
  Man in Hat
Man in Hat - Pencil Crayon

  Vehicle Anntena Installation - Digital
Young John Lennon - Pencil
  T-shirt Illustration - Pen & Ink
The Snow Queen - Pen & Ink, Pencil Crayon, Photoshop Blending
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